Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fun with Her Majesty

After seeing Helen Mirren’s witty Queen in The Audience I was inspired to look at Her Majesty’s funny side, and ended up with a hodgepodge of real and imaginary situations involving our sometimes very hilarious monarch. First up, one of my favourite YouTube videos. It’s made up mostly of humorous clips from the 1992 BBC documentary, Elizabeth R, filmed to celebrate the Queen’s 40 years on the throne. My favorite bit is the Queen telling a retired Edward Heath that he has become expendable! 

Secondly, this scene, which never ceases to make me laugh. Only a British monarch could cooly tell a toasting U.S. president with a glass in his hand, “Set it down!”


Then some imaginary, funny pictures. This pic below does not reflect my views on Charles but I think it’s hilarious nevertheless!

This pic shows that the Queen has always something nice to say to everyone…

“So you were on The Addams Family? How fascinating.”

A very topical montage…


Finally this…well, I think this is just funny!


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