Saturday, 29 December 2012

Royal Rollicking Fun: The Year of Naked Royals

A humorous, peeping look back on 2012, the year some members of the Royal Family were caught with their kits off—again. (At least there was no toe-sucking with this lot). The best thing about Britain is that we don’t take ourselves or our royals too seriously…  

Prince Harry is caught starkers during a Las Vegas party:

“But what’s upset you Grandma? Was it something I’ve said?"
(Mac from the Daily Mail)

Steve Nease from The Cagle Post

The Duchess of Cambridge is caught topless by French paparazzi:

Matt at the Daily Telegraph

Andy Davey, The Sun

People are caught thinking about the Royal Family differently:

Steve Bell, The Guardian

Viral internet pic.

And finally…

Hopefully a Photoshop creation.

Let's hope this year Santa brought the Royal Family some clothes.

"Who's got naked now...?"

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